Greetings my beautiful people my name is Avanti Marie and It is my pleasure to introduce myself as the successful business owner of Xavey Kior Body Essentials. Xavey Kior Body Essentials was originated in the year of 2016 and started business in December of 2018. Xavey Kior is my daughter which is who inspired me to bring this idea to life. Giving all praise to GOD for the vision & gift. Xavey Kior Body Essentials provides glammy,  all- natural, handcraft  products for all beautiful ladies. My ultimate goal is to have a huge brand of great quality skin products while not only making ladies feel good on the outside but also making women feel like everything plus more on the inside. Xavey Kior Body Essentials will launch essentials one by one to be sure that our existing customers and future customers know,  like and trust the XKBE brand. I Avanti Marie have so much in store for XKBE and I am so very excited to share every great thing with everyone. Thank you so much for believing in the XKBE brand and supporting us with Love, SHOP!